Trauma Void EQ3 Riding Helmet - Smooth Shell
Trauma Void EQ3 Riding Helmet - Smooth Shell

Trauma Void EQ3 Riding Helmet - Smooth Shell

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Trauma Void EQ3 Helmet with MIPS from Back on Track - Smooth Shell

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A product has to be pretty special for us to bring it in.  We think all of our customers should be protected by a Trauma Void EQ3 Helmet!  

Trauma Void EQ3 helmet is the wave of the future, and the next step in brain protection technology for the equine industry. The most important component of the EQ3 helmet design is the incorporated Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology, which has been used in bike, moto, and snow helmets for years.  

MIPS® reduces rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head, absorbing and redirecting rotational force rather than allowing it to be transferred to the brain.  See more below.

The Smooth Shell Helmet comes equipped with:

  • ASTM-SEI certification
  • MIPS technology Safety System
  • Removable and washable Coolmax lining
  • Comfortable design with great ventilation
  • Smooth outer shell that is easy to clean
  • Screen and chinstraps made of durable PU leather

* Features a round fit but the enclosed extra liner can be substituted for an oval shaped fit.  When shoosing between two sizes, choose the larger.

More help with sizing HERE

MIPS stands for MULTI-DIRECTIONAL IMPACT PROTECTION SYSTEM.  The system is an extra shell of protection built right into the helmet, strategically designed to protect the brain.  When you fall from your horse, you are most likely to hit your head obliquely from the side rather than to land straight on your head.  This oblique impact creates a rotational movement that our brains are very sensitive to. The MIPS system allows the helmet to rotate in all directions upon impact, absorbing more of these rotational forces and reducing the harmful affects transferred to your head.  At best, in the event of a hard impact, you may be fine with a minor concussion.  If you are unlucky during a bad fall, your brain tissue could be damaged.  Therefore, we need to protect our head with the best technology available to us!

BEST IN TEST AWARDS:  Our helmets are tested with and without the MIPS System.  Helmets are tested with impact to the forehead, to the top, and to the side from the front.  These tests are performed on all models and sizes, documented via sensors as well as high-speed cameras.  To be approved, helmets need to reduce rotational forces by at least 10%.  The Trauma Void helmets with MIPS significantly exceeds this limit and have won numerous BEST IN TEST AWARDS.

CAUTION: Safety equipment must fit properly and be appropriately secured with manufacture approved parts only. Altering or adding to safety equipment voids warranty and can result in injury. As a safety precaution, inspect all products prior to each use.


For help in choosing the correct sized helmet, visit the sizing page of our website.

Care Instructions for Your Helmet

Your helmet should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment when not being used. Extreme temperatures as well as fluctuating temperatures can be detrimental to the integrity of the shock-absorbing materials within the helmet.

The inner Coolmax lining of your helmet can be removed and hand washed if needed. The smooth shell helmet may be wiped down with a wet cloth and the microfiber shell helmet can be spot cleaned with warm water and a damp cloth.

You should never clean your helmet with any alcohol-based liquid, as this will damage the helmets.

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