MDC Sport Classic Stirrups Irons
MDC Sport Classic Stirrups Irons

MDC Sport Classic Stirrups Irons

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MDC Sport Classic Stirrups Irons

Keeping up with current riders’ needs, the MDC Sport Classic Stirrup brings together advanced features never before seen in one stirrup design.

 The only performance stirrup on the market that offers both a WIDE and TRADITIONAL WIDTH BASE option.  The wide based foot pad comes standard with the MDC Super Sport (hinged model) and the MDC Sport Classic (non hinged model).  We also offer an interchangeable traditional width aluminum foot tread for hunters, equitation and dressage that can be purchased separately.

The strength of stainless steel blended with the lightness of polished aluminum make the MDC Sport Classic lighter than the original MDC and stronger than plastic stirrups, while it maintains a traditional, elegant look in the show ring,

The wide, “grippy” foot tread on the MDC Sport Classic offers comfort, support, and security when needed, and releases easily in a fall, but won’t cut or abrade boots, breeches, and saddle leather like cheese grater pads, and are easily interchangeable to MDC's Sport Traditional Width foot tread Base.

MDC Stirrups have always been ergonomically designed and engineered for correct, comfortable and balanced riding. As with the originals, riders can select any of three preset stirrup positions on the MDC Sport Classic: traditional, 45 degrees or 90 degrees. These preset angles match your specific body needs and work to promote a greater harmony with your body alignment. Anyone with any stiffness or previous injuries will immediately feel this release of pressure on their joints. MDC Stirrups allow you to customize your stirrups to the setting that best suits you, your horse, and your riding application.


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