MDC Jumper Classic Stirrups
MDC Jumper Classic Stirrups

MDC Jumper Classic Stirrups

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MDC Jumper Classic Stirrups

The MDC Classic provides more traction, more stability and more comfort in an ultra-low profile base that will be lighter than standard fillis irons and at a price point $70 below current European stirrups. The MDC Jumper Classic and MDC Hunter Classic™ can be ridden in any show ring discipline and have the look of traditional stirrups with the advantages of our modern aluminum tread.

Both models can be converted to a traditional width aluminum tread, but we advise all customers to try the wide tread first. The new feel of a wide tread is fantastic, but up until now, no one has made available a wide tread stirrup that conforms visually to those who prefer a traditional stirrup design.

Now you can own high performance stirrups in a traditional format suitable for any riding discipline with a price below both plastic, aluminum and import models. One Stirrup Does It All: Performance Advantages, Traditional Design, and Lower Price Point. MDC is the only company in the world who has specifically designed a traditional stirrup and incorporated a modern improved aluminum ‘sure grip’ tread for the United States Equine Enthusiast.

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