Intrepid/ThornHill Pro-Trainer Platinum 24K Equitation Saddle  X-Changeable Gullet System
Intrepid/ThornHill Pro-Trainer Platinum 24K Equitation Saddle X-Changeable Gullet System

Intrepid/ThornHill Pro-Trainer Platinum 24K Equitation Saddle X-Changeable Gullet System

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Thornhill/Intrepid International Platinum 24K Close Contact Exchangeable Gullet Equitation Saddle

Seat sizes:  17”, 17 1/2”, 18”.

Special...extra plate this week!


This beautiful saddle is by Thornhill, right here in Pennsylvania and is their own Pro-Trainer Platinum brand.  Pro-Trainer saddles and strap goods are made on 3 continents: Europe, North America and South America and they assure you that only the most expensive hand selected bridle leather is used.  The Thornhill Pro-Trainer Platinum line competes with the finest of the world's equestrian products at a fraction of the cost!

This Thornhill Pro-Trainer Platinum 24K close contact Equitation model is everything one is looking for in a saddle today!  Soft grippy premium leather, wide panels and balanced design make this saddle comfortable for both horse and rider. Softly grained premium oil pulled leather with a waxy finish. with calfskin seat and knee pads. 

Now available with the Interchangeable Gullet System!  We ship with the medium gullet plate installed and send you one additional size plate as a bonus.  Choose from standard, medium, med/wide, wide, XW, XXW and XXXW!

Panels: Elvax foam OR synthetic "wool" flocked.  We choose the foam panels for really broad flat backs so that it sits down and molds to the back.  Most other backs are best suited to the synthetic "wool" flocked panels.  Synthetic wool is being used more and more by higher end saddles (such as Pessoa) because it is much more resilient and lasts longer.  There is less balling up and lumpy hard spots with synthetic wool flocking.  Since it does not pack or break down like natural wool, resulting in a hard panel, the saddle will need re-flocking less often. 

Tree: Memory/flex tree - 5 year tree warranty

Square cantle

"As well as being a retailer, my children and I have been riding and showing exclusively in Thornhill saddles for the last 16 years, and I love the superb quality, craftsmanship, and balanced design that these saddles offer.  This particular model was my latest addition because I wanted one that was a more specialized showring hunter, close-contact saddle.  To my delight, I found that it was also correctly balanced to be comfortable for me as well as my horses for our flat work and warm up dressage work.  I found that this 24K design is particularly perfect if you also spend time riding in a dressage and eventing saddle as I do, because the feel and balance is not so extremely different as most other close-contact saddles are. You will also feel the additional security offered by the slightly deeper seat without sacrificing the freedom of movement that a close-contact saddle affords."


Email me with questions or for fitting suggestions. I can help you to determine if this Thornhill Pro-Trainer Platinum 24K saddle is the right choice for your horses build. [email protected]


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