Impact Gel English Contour Pad
Impact Gel English Contour Pad

Impact Gel English Contour Pad

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Genuine IMPACT GEL Brand English Contour Pad



Contoured-back FELT pad

Genuine IMPACT GEL HALF PAD Back Panels

Tested far superior to any impact resistant gel pad on the market!!

Shaped English Contour Pad with unique 70/30 wool blend that allows air to pass between the saddle pad and horse for increased circulation.  The 100% Impact Gel Base layer system features sewn in genuine IMPACT GEL PADS within the Felt.  The two individual IMPACT GEL PADS are shaped to lay along side the horse's spine. The pad provides wither relief as well as relief across the back muscles by distributing the weight of the saddle and rider.  IMPACT GEL saddle pads lift the saddle and rider away from the spine and withers, absorbs and dissipates shock, and does not create bounce.  Greatly helps to prevent back muscle fatigue and soreness.  Measures 24" on the spine and 11" drop.

Perfect under your favorite dressage pad or use alone.


The most remarkable shock absorbing material we've ever found!  IMPACT GEL has been tested against 38 other impact reducing products and was found to absorb 2 1/2 times more energy and provide unsurpassed shock absorbing ability while equalizing pressure points.  IMPACT GEL ensures optimum comfort for both horse and rider.  IMPACT GEL is currently being used or tested for everything from shoe inserts to steering wheels in race cars, from bulletproof vests to football padding.  IMPACT GEL Western pads are very popular on the western performance horse circuit and endorsed by leading riders. Now your Dressage horse can benefit from the IMPACT GEL difference.

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