Flex Rider Magnetic Sheet
Flex Rider Magnetic Sheet

Flex Rider Magnetic Sheet

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Flex Rider's Neodymium, high energy rare earth magnets 
offer deepest magnetic penetration available!

Magnets are known to speed healing by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and easing soreness.  Flex Rider magnetic products offer the deepest magnetic penetration available.  They are up to 20 times more powerful than other magnets with a GAUSS rating of 3200/ magnet. These Unipolar Neodymium Magnetic products are constructed with the North-Negative
(also referred to as South-Seeking) pole of the magnet facing the horse, which
has beneficial effects on the body.

Flex Rider's soft, poly mesh sheet has seven moveable magnet strips (each holds three 3200 GAUSS magnets), concealed in denier nylon with Velcro surface and poly-fleece lining for comfort.  Sheet has Velcro band along the entire spine as well as down over each hindquarter where you can fasten the magnetic strips to treat the core muscles of the back and each hind leg.  Each sheet also includes a 36" strip of 2" wide Velcro so that you can further customize your therapy as needed by having the Velcro strip sewn to the sheet over areas that you wish to treat.  Optional sheet customization allows you to provide magnetic stimulation of joints and muscles of shoulders, back, loins and hips.  Open front with two adjustable straps and adjustable surcingle with heavy-duty plastic snap-in closure.  Perfect for use alone in warm weather or under a blanket in cold weather.

M (74/76), L (78/80)