DP Startrekk Comfort English Treeless Saddle
DP Startrekk Comfort English Treeless Saddle

DP Startrekk Comfort English Treeless Saddle

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  • Seat Size:S2

DP Startrekk Comfort English - 7294

Treeless, Size 2, Adjustable Delfin Fork, Saddle leather: Black, Seat leather: Black Nappa. Panel leather: Black Nappa. Hardware: Stainless steel, D-Rings. Channel: 8cm. Flocking: Medium. Makerplate: Startrekk Silver.

* Each saddle is a handcrafted unique piece of work and may be one of a kind.  Please check with me for availability before checking out and I can hold it for you.

Weight: approximately 12 lbs.
Saddle length: approximately 21” (S1), 22” (S2)
Panel length: approximately 18.5” (S1), 19” (S2)
Length of flap: approximately 19.5 inches


Treeless Startrekk©-Saddle with real Spine clearance, thanks to our innovative Velcro Panels, that can be placed where your horse needs them to ensure proper gullet width. Available with exchangeable gullet plates OR adjustable Delfin Fork gullet. This saddle is ideal for short-backed horses, Dressage work and trail riding.

Seat Size Help.

Contact us before you buy for a FREE virtual fitting.  Let's make sure this is the correct model and features to best fit you and your horse.  I will send you an info email about our process.

Don't see what you want?  We may have other styles and colors available as new arrivals that are not on our website yet so be sure to check with me.  
If not, we can also work together to design the saddle of your dreams!  [email protected] 

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