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DP Saddle Seat Sizing Info

There are several factors that will influence your DP saddle seat size. Here is an overview but we can discuss as well. The DP saddles are sized as S1, S2 and S3. S4 is available as a custom order on most models. 

As a general rule of thumb: 
S1 English 16.5" / Western 15" 
S2 English 17.5" / Western 16" 
S3 English 18" / Western 17" 
S4 English 19" / Western 18"

I also like to incorporate jean size as it gives us a good idea of the actual "butt mass" sitting in the seat. 

S1 Up to jean size 4 and 6 
S2 Jean size 8 to 10/12 
S3 Jean size 12 and over 
S4 Jean size over 16 (special order) 

When we go with the Super Soft Seat upgrade, the padding will take up about 1/2" of the seat so it will snug the seat size a bit. 
 For example, the S2 Super Soft Seat becomes approximately a 17" English (15.5" Western). 

There are more ways to zero in on the perfect seat size. If you are still unsure, contact me so we can discuss. [email protected]
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