DP Quantum Sport Saddle 1089-6702
DP Quantum Sport Saddle 1089-6702

DP Quantum Sport Saddle 1089-6702

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Part Number:1089-6702
  • Seat Size:S2
DP Quantum Sport - 6702

UF/VSK, Size 2. Saddle Leather: Havanna Antique finish. Seat Leather: Black Nappa. Panel Leather: Black Nappa. Hardware: Stainless Steel, D-rings, Footman Loops, Crupper ring. Tooling: Border Tooling G27. Fender: Medium 68 cm. Stirrups: None. Channel: 8cm. Flocking: Medium Wool. Makerplate: DP Saddlery.

I have both short and medium matching fenders if we need to switch them out for you.

Our Quantum Sport is like the sports car of saddles! It's one of our smallest saddles and one of our most popular. It's a light weight saddle with a deep seat and narrow twist. Lots of hardware to utilize, no horn, and wool-flocked panels with a larger surface for optimal weight distribution. You have many options when it comes to looks with our Quantum Sport. From classic black and brown to rainbow stingray, you can really make this saddle stand out! Last but not least, the Quantum Sport features our Ultra-Flex Tree providing maximum stability. The padded seat provides a luxurious and comfortable ride for many hours for the rider. Suitable for Trail, Endurance, gaited horses, and pleasure riding.

Each saddle is an individual crafted piece.  Please contact me before checking out to assure availability.  I also prefer to work with clients in advance to make sure the fit and seat size are the best choice for you and your horse.  [email protected]

Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree
Gullet: completely adjustable gullet width mechanism via the turn of a key
Weight: approximately 19 lbs.
Saddle length: approximately 19.5 inches
Length of skirt: approximately 13 inches

*Seat Size Info:
S1  English 16.5" / Western 15"
S2  English 17.5" / Western 16"
S3  English 18"  / Western 17"

*This is the basic rule of thumb for these saddles. 
There are more ways to zero in on the perfect seat size.  See more info HERE
Contact me so we can discuss. [email protected]

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