DP Majestro Saddle 1210-6400
DP Majestro Saddle 1210-6400

DP Majestro Saddle 1210-6400

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  • Seat Size:S3

DP Majestro Saddle 1210-6400

UF/BMB. Size: 3. Saddle Leather: Black Nappa LGF. Seat Leather: Black Nappa LGF. Panel Leather: Black Nappa LGF. Panels: Close Contact baroque. Stitching: Black. Hardware: Stainless steel, D-Rings. Knee blocks: Solid. Channel Width: Wide. Flocking: RG80 Inlay, medium. Makerplate: DP Baroque Silver

* Each saddle is a handcrafted unique piece of work and may be one of a kind.  Please check with me for availability before checking out and I can hold it for you.

-Baroque Style
-DP Adjustable Gullet
-NEW: Adjustable Channel Width
-Perfect for Working Equitation and Dressage Work
-English type panels that are re-flockabe
-Soft grippy Nappa or very grippy Nubuck leather
-Can open very WIDE
-Does not "rock" on wider settings
-Twist is narrow even after widest adjustment
-Monoflap design
-Can adjust channel width
-Weight about 13 pounds!
-Panel length about (S1) 18.5" and (S2/S3) about 20" 

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The Majestro combines an English saddle with the advantages of a baroque saddle in an innovative way. Particularly comfortable for the horse: the heels on the tree increase the contact area and thus ensure better pressure distribution. Of course, our proven, continuously adjustable gullet is also installed in this model. In combination with different, adaptable panel types, the saddle offers optimal adaptability to the horse's back. At just 6 kg (13.2 lb), it is a real lightweight. The minimalist construction of the mono-flap saddle saves weight on one hand, and brings you close to the horse on the other. The shape of the long, soft knee roll hugs your leg comfortably - without giving you the feeling of being constricted. The Majestro is ideal for dressage work, but also offers the best grip on the speed trail, in cattle work or on the trails, thanks to the large rolls.

Contact us before you buy for a FREE virtual fitting.  Let's make sure this is the correct model and features to best fit you and your horse.  I will send you an info email about our process.

Don't see what you want?  We may have other styles and colors available as new arrivals that are not on our website yet so be sure to check with me.  
If not, we can also work together to design the saddle of your dreams!  [email protected] 

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