DP El Campo Shorty 1211-7197
DP El Campo Shorty 1211-7197

DP El Campo Shorty 1211-7197

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DP El Campo Shorty 1211-7197

UF/VSK, Size 1. Saddle leather: Black. Seat leather: Black Nappa. Panel leather: Black Nappa. Hardware: Brass, D-rings, Brass Antique Conchos. Channel Width: 8cm. Flocking: Medium. Makerplate: DP Saddlery Gold.

* Each saddle is a handcrafted unique piece of work and may be one of a kind.  Please check with me for availability before checking out and I can hold it for you.

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The DP El Campo is an all purpose English style saddle suitable for trail, classical riding, dressage schooling, and working equitation.  It also offers security for small jumps on the trail.  There are two El Campo models, the Regular (1212) and the Shorty (1211).  The Regular El Campo is the correct model for standard or longstraighter backed horses, while the Shorty is a better choice for short and/or curvy backs.

Some other unique features:

-Made on a top quality carbon fiber light-weight tree, the adjustable gullet system allows the gullet to go from narrow to extra wide with the simple turn of a key (see our video below). 

-The comfy anatomically shaped wool flocked panels will conform to the horse's back allowing for an even more customized shape.  

-Because they are not continuously attached to the channel, the panels can move more freely with the bend of the horse's spine allowing them to use their back in comfort.  

-The shoulder relief panels allow for free and easy shoulder movement resulting in unobstructed gaits that will be noticeable to the rider.   

-The Velcro knee rolls will allow for individual adaptation to the rider's leg.  

-Stirrup leathers are made to hang under the flap for added stability and rider comfort.  

Contact us before you buy for a FREE virtual fitting.  Let's make sure this is the correct model and features to best fit you and your horse.  I will send you an info email about our process.

Don't see what you want?  We may have other styles and colors available as new arrivals that are not on our website yet so be sure to check with me.  
If not, we can also work together to design the saddle of your dreams!  [email protected] 

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