ThornHill New Vienna II Dressage Saddle in Calfskin

ThornHill New Vienna II Dressage Saddle in Calfskin

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Thornhhill Vienna II Dressage Saddle

Thornhill’s longest selling dressage model now in luxurious calfskin!   

Introductory price and on sale today!

Sizes:   17", 17.5", 18", 19"

Tree Widths:  Medium, Wide, Extra-Wide

Vienna II has been distributed by Thornhill USA since 1983.  This saddle represents a modified version of the original Vienna. Modeled from a famous Passier® design, featuring a slightly deeper seat, stitched knee pads for maximum contact, a large concealed thigh roll, and a new billet suspension system for maximum stability. These features combined with this saddle’s excellent center of balance make it one of our most popular dressage models. It's W and XW hoop design tree will fit even the flattest, widest backs out there.  Yet, the medium tree offers a perfect fit for those not so generous.

-5 year spring tree warranty

-Wool stuffed shaped panels

About tree widths: The medium tree (32 cm) is for most horses with substantial width (not considered narrow). The wide trees (34 cm) and extra wide trees (36 cm) are for horses with wide backs and / or virtually no withers (e.g. large Warmbloods, Quarter Horses, Percherons).

We are here to us so we can send you information about getting a wither tracing of your horse so we can properly fit him before we ship.  [email protected]






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