ThinLine Ultra-ThinLine English Half Pad - Pony

ThinLine Ultra-ThinLine English Half Pad - Pony

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ThinLine Ultra ThinLine English Pony Half Pad

The Ultra ThinLine Pony Half Pad is the same design as our Ultra ThinLine Half Pad, but in a smaller size for the kids and ponies to keep their backs healthy by dissipating impact. Make learning fun and comfortable!  Also ideal for experienced pony riders competing in equitation and working on seat development and technique.

Available in Black or White.

Trimmed or Untrimmed (The trim is for a more finished look)

Measurements:  spine 18.5” / flap width 15.5” / seat width 12.25

 Made in the USA

The unique properties of the dense open-cell Ultra Thinline material has many benefits:

  • Dissipates shock, weight and heat laterally
  • Infused with active USDA approved anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents
  • Decreases back soreness
  • Increases suppleness
  • Better saddle fit, relieving pressure points
  • Improves rider equitation and close contact feel
  • Decreases "bounce" of springy or bumpy gaits

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