ThinLine / Shenandoah Contour Trail / Endurance Pad

ThinLine / Shenandoah Contour Trail / Endurance Pad

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ThinLine / Shenandoah Contoured Trail / Endurance Saddle Pad

For protection you can count on. Quilted cotton top and fleece bottom with thin layer of felt and hollow fill. Thin layers are all that are needed. With a ThinLine pad, overlay bulk is not needed to absorb impact or to cushion the ride. Less material means having closer contact with the horse for better communication. Material is breathable so horse stays cooler.

Some features of ThinLine technology:

* High 95% Shock Absorption
* 100% Air Flow
* Eliminates Pressure Points
* Non-Slip/Cling Technology
* Molds to the Saddle and Horse's Back for a Custom Fit
* Infused with an Active Anti-microbial Agent
* Improves Saddle Fit
* Virtually Indestructible


Spine 26”  /  drop 17”



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