Tempi Designed Yellow Bronze Fox Mask Medallion on a Leather Cord

Tempi Designed Yellow Bronze Fox Mask Medallion on a Leather Cord

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Tempi Design Fox Mask Medallion (Large) in Bronze. 

This is a very impressive hand made "piece of art"!

Fox Mask Medallion, Large, with Rope Edge and Bail. Raised relief of a Foxy Friend with detailed frosty fur. Measures 1-1/8 inch diameter and 1-1/2 inch tall including Bail. Bail opening measures 7 mm round.  Leather neck cord, smooth 3 mm width and end caps with clasp in 16" length included. 

“I was fortunate to meet Catherine Marie in 2016 and immediately fell in love with her hand made artistic pieces.

Her work conveys a new dimension in the wearable art world. As an emerging artist, with a lifetime passion of animal art, she strives to capture the enchantment of her subject in an accurate but charming moment. Initially carved in wax, then cast by the lost wax method.  Her unique, one at a time, handmade creations are captured using a variety of metals.

We are all familiar with Sterling Silver and Gold. Tempi also uses Ancient Casting Bronze and two proprietary jewelry alloys: a yellow alloy, mimicking gold, we call “Golde”—without the price tag—and a white alloy which has a very soft yellow tint/glow to it. Both of these proprietary alloys and the Bronze are priced lower than Sterling Silver.

Medallions are cast in Sterling Silver, "Golde", and Bronze.

Our Buckles are cast in White Jewelers Bronze or Yellow Bronze.”

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