Impact Gel Endurance/Competitive Trail Saddle Pad

Impact Gel Endurance/Competitive Trail Saddle Pad

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IMPACT-GEL BRAND Trail/ Endurance Felt Saddle Pad

Black or Gray - 3/4" thick FELT

Made in the U.S.A.

This new style pad will allow your Endurance horse to experience the competitive advantage that Working Western Champions have enjoyed for years!


The IMPACT GEL Endurance Trail Pad will make the ride more enjoyable for you and your horse and is made with exceptional quality materials and workmanship. Designed especially for endurance/trail saddles, with two-piece, hand sewn construction, and a cut-out over the wither.  The "contour" is the unique design along the horse's spine, delivering exceptional fit that is customized to the conformation of most endurance horses thus reducing slipping and saddle roll by creating a tailored fit to the back and wither.  The felt material helps to wick moisture away from the horse's back keeping it cool and dry.

Impact-Gel bladder is sewn between the felt layers so that only the felt touches your horse's back and the saddle.

Spine length: 29"

32" wide in front tapering to 20" wide in the back.

Genuine leather wear leathers


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