Bates Isabell Dressage Saddle

Developed in consultation with dressage champion Isabell Werth.

Your saddle comes with the MEDIUM gullet plate inserted but we also include an EASY-CHANGE Complete Gullet Kit (MSRP $119.99) containing all 5 gullet plates, tools, instruction booklet and Gullet Gauge. Buy today to take advantage of this amazing limited time offer!

The deep seat in the Bates Isabell Saddle is unique, positioning you in a central and balanced position that ensures correct alignment is effortless on the rider's part. The Bates Isabell Saddle provides the ultimate connection with your horse through a seamless, ultra narrow transition from your seat through the entire length of your leg.

The Bates Isabell Saddle has an anatomically shaped seat and an extremely narrow waist, eliminating any interference and sitting you closer to your horse. An extra deep seat gives the feeling of sitting ‘into’ the saddle, rather than ‘on’ the saddle and positions you directly over your horse’s center of balance.  You will feel your leg drops straight on to your horse with ease and no interruption. Comfort seat technology utilizes multi-layered seat foams of varying densities to create the perfect balance of luxurious comfort, while maintaining a good feel of your horse.

Effortless horse and rider alignment  is achieved through altering the positioning of the sliding Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar, enabling you control over your preferred riding position. Maximize stability and comfort for your horse through the Adjustable Y-Girthing System that offers the ability to achieve even tension from the front and rear of the saddle.

Your horse will show a marked improvement in their freedom of movement, as world leading performance systems the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and CAIR Cushion System offer the greatest flexibility in achieving a customized fit and fluid cushioning ensuring your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind.

"I believe we developed an exceptional saddle. Our foremost thought was for the horses and to design a saddle to sit optimally, with as little a burden for the horses as possible. I believe we succeeded with this very well and now the CAIR Cushion System has gone one better. I have been riding in both the Bates and Wintec Isabell saddles with the CAIR Cushion System, in training and competition, and I have to say I’m really impressed! From the very first moment, I had a fantastic feeling in the seat. You have the feeling you are sitting even closer to the horse, even more in the horse. In all of my years of riding we have traditionally put gel pads or foam pads under the saddles, and now this is not necessary because an air cushion is already integrated into the saddle. Also – which is even more important to me – my horses immediately responded showing that they too felt comfortable."

– Isabell Werth
Dressage Competitor (de)

Seat sizes  16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"

Colors: Classic Black or Classic Brown (Brown by special order.  Contact us)

Features include:

  • CAIR Cushion System - uses air technology to evenly distribute the rider's weight and cushion the horse's back
  • EASY-CHANGE Gullet System - select the best gullet width for your horse's current shape and muscling
  • EASY-CHANGE Riser System - make adjustments within the saddle's panel if needed for optimal balance and fit
  • Adjustable Flexibloc System - enables the rider to customize the support offered for their individual riding position by selecting different shaped blocks
  • Adjustable Y-Girthing System - enables customized adjustment and maximizes saddle stability, securing saddle from both the front and rear
  • Quick-Change Girth Points - innovative billet attachment allows for customization of the girthing system
  • Ergonomic and Adjustable Stirrup Bars - Recessed for closest contact and ability to adjust stirrup leather back and forth to find preferred, balanced rider position
  • Elastiflex Tree - features a rigid head for wither clearance yet possess lateral flexion to work with the horse's muscular movement with every stride
  • Moulded Knee Inserts
  • Quilted Panel Points